Joseph Kumzak




I have been working with digital media for over ten years. I started with photography and branched-out into video production, graphic design, and web development. Nothing makes me happier than being behind a camera - regardless if I am shooting video of an event, or taking pictures at a ceremony. I truly enjoy all aspects of photography; from conceptualizing a project to delivering the final product. I also enjoy pushing my creative & artistic abilities in post-production.

I am my organization’s webmaster and social media administrator. I provide all audiovisual (photo & video) support for marketing and special events. During my off-duty time, I do volunteer and freelance work, mostly for fun, but to also continue refining my skills.

I am looking for career opportunities in Visual Information and Public Affairs. I want to use my skills with multimedia and marketing to complete high-quality projects that will get noticed, and reflect well on the organization I work for. I will walk into any job fresh and eager to hit the ground running on every project thrown my way; there will be no job too big or too small.

In addition to my years of experience, I will graduate in May 2016 with a Bachelor of Science in Digital Media & Web Technology.

Joseph Kumzak Image
Light painting workshop, Okinawa, Japan - Nov 2015


I have dedicated the last two years of my personal life to my education, so I can't really remember what I enjoy doing. Seriously, all joking aside - of course my first passion is photography; if I could take pictures and video all day, I would. Other than photograhy and spending hours editing video in Premiere, I very much enjoy being outdoors and experiencing life. Sometimes you just have to put your camera down and enjoy the sunset through your eyes, instead of your lens.

Living in Japan has definitely given me an appreciation for travel. I enjoy traveling as much as possible to see the world and experience different cultures.